Effective Time Management For Internet Marketing Productivity

Effective Time ManagementInternet marketing can be a very profitable business platform for those who can make their efforts productive. However like any successful business, effective time management is key to making the time you invest pay off most efficiently. The question is, what is effective time management for you as an internet marketer? Where and how do online entrepreneurs begin to make effective use of their time that will increase productivity? This article will address this most essential topic for internet marketing home business success.

What is productivity in internet marketing

Productivity has been defined as the ratio of output to input. What in the world dose that mean for an internet marketer? Productive time is time that is used to tasks that produce income in your internet business. That definition although basic is how successful online marketers see productive time spent.

When you’re doing the actual work that makes your business profitable that’s when your time is most productive. In internet marketing doing tasks like marketing your products, creating products, and improving them are directly related to making money.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work in hand. The Sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus” Alexander Graham Bell

80/20 Rule for increased online business productivity.

One popular productivity concept is the 80/20 rule also known as Pareto’s law named after it’s founder Econimist Vilfredo Pareto. The 80/20 rule = 80% of your productivity from 20% of the work you do.This rule has been used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs to help. You may have even heard of some of them; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs as well as Brian Zuccerberg just to name a few. The rule is so famous that whole courses have been created about it .

Learning and applying the elements of the 80/20 will take some time, effort and business analysis. I only wanted to mention it here so that if you don’t know about it it’s worth your while looking at.

Below are some things you can do to now increase your productivity with very little effort:

  • Reduce the distractions in your work environment
  • Learn how to set goals
  • Start effective time management program
  • Learn how to prioritize tasks in terms of importance
  • Stop putting tasks off (procrastination)
  • Learn to be motivated
  • Be focused
  • Create an environment conducive to work
  • Find enjoyment in your work

The list of of ideas above if applied will help you to be more productive in a short period of time.

Many internet marketers get their productivity mixed up with effective time management. Although the two are very closely linked they are different. Understanding the difference is essential if you’re to be successful at both.

Effective Time management and internet marketing

Time Management

Time management in it’s most basic description is, the way you decide to spend your time. Choosing what tasks you’ll give your time to and how much time spent on each one is important to effective time management.

Many new internet marketers do not look at time management as anything more than a good talent to have. If you’re an internet marketer, you have to realize that time management is so much more. Effective time management to the internet marketer is a directly connected to the profit your business will make. In other words in your internet marketing business your “time is money”.

You may be thinking, that all sounds good, but I still would like to know why? What’s the big deal about effective time management and my internet marketing business.

The Internet marketing process

For starters, let’s take a quick look at the internet marketing process. What it is, and what’s it’s purpose.

Internet marketing is a method of promoting or advertising a website, blog product or service. Don’t forget, when people don’t know that you’ve products or services on the market, they’re not going to buy. That’s why internet marketing is essential for your success being an internet or home-based entrepreneur

Now, you have to recognize how internet marketing makes money. To do this, look at the various kinds of internet marketers. You’ll find internet marketers who make a living by marketing their own internet marketing skills as a service to others. Webmasters pay money to the experienced internet marketers for their know-how. These online marketers are experts at increasing website traffic to increase sales.

Then you have internet marketers who do more than market for themselves they create websites, make products, act as internet marketing coaches. These internet marketers may also promote other peoples products as affiliate marketers. That’s not all, because these individuals are required do so many different tasks, they still have their own websites and blogs to be built and maintain.

Promoting your services

Online Product MarketingIf promoting your services as an internet marketer should be your goal, time management can result in additional business. For instance, you will get directions for marketing from your client or maybe you have your personal tasks to complete. When you finish these tasks, you’re through with your paid service. This means that you’ll be able to move on to the next client. Remember also, you’ll need to deliver effective results, but using effective time management strategies you’ll be able to produce effective results in an efficient way for your clients. Effective time management methods will permit you to take on more clients and generate more income.

If your planning to work as an affiliate for another company or market your own product or service from your website effective time management in internet marketing will also determine your income. As previously stated, nobody will buy your product or service when they don’t know it is on the market. That’s why internet marketing in an efficient way is essential. By effectively managing your time, you can promote your website even more. You actually do this by distributing links all over the internet. Whether or not you use banner exchanges, paid ads, or social media, the more you work, the more links are exchanged. This ought to bring about more sale, clicks and income.

Effective time management is essential

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”
William Penn

As you can see, your ability to manage time will be directly related to how much money you make, regardless of what type of internet marketer you are. So, why continue to lose money? If you find it difficult to stay focused and on task, start improving your time management. You can do so with the use of time management software programs, daily to-do lists, detailed hourly schedules, desktop calendars, and so forth.

Another easy way to make money with internet market, not lose it, is to eliminate your distractions If you work from home, make sure your house is clean and creates a good work environment. Don’t stop to clean during your work hours, but do it the night before. If you enjoy background noise, turn the television on, but if you find yourself watching it, as opposed to working, shut it off.

In short, time management is much more tan a great skill to have. If you work as an internet marketer, effective time management strategies should be a top priority.

Internet marketing time management do’s and don’t s

As you learn about internet marketing systems, methods and tactics, you may begin to feel overloaded. Not surprisingly, you’ll find countless methods to market a website, product, or service on the internet. Because it’s impossible for you to do all of it at once or even in one or two weeks, you have to manage your time. With regards to effective internet marketing time management, there are plenty of dos and don’t s.

Things You Should Do:

  • You should use the internet to research internet marketing topics. Refrain from surfing the internet for individual use or pleasure through your Good Time Management working hours, but don’t stop it entirely. As new internet marketing strategies develop constantly, search online to remain up-to-date. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between searching websites for fun and browsing for research.
  • You should remember that time is money. If you’re a new comer to online marketing, recognize that weak time management not just results in falling behind and confusion, but it also means missed income. Because you can’t sell services or products without first advertising, you ought to do this online. If you don’t, you won’t make any sales, causing loss of income.
  • You should set up a individual account for business use only. If you sell a service or product online, you’ll want to look at your email. This is one way you’re informed of a sale. This is fine, however get rid of distractions by keeping private emails and work email separate.
  • You should remember to have fun apart from work. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t play online games or surf the internet for entertainment. This might not seem like enjoyment. Truthfully, work isn’t always enjoyable. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your work, but do the celebrating outside work.

Things You Shouldn’t Do:

  • You Shouldn’t search the internet while working. Internet marketing requires using the web. However, you can easily become sidetracked online.Bad time Management Do you enjoy reading what’s in the news online? If you do, steer clear of these kinds of sites while working.
  • You Shouldn’t play games on your computer while you’re working. It’s not unheard of for a lot of people who work from home to go to online games whenever feeling under pressure. Sure, you should have an escape, however online games aren’t the ideal solution. Since they will be installed on your computer, they’re easily accessible. Having fun with a game for a 5-minute break could very well become an hour long interruption.
  • You Shouldn’t check your own personal email account too many times a day. Sorry to say, a lot of online workers feel that checking email doesn’t waste lots of time. First of all, just a second could be lost time. While you’ll spend more than one second checking out e-mails, clicking on links, looking at attachments, and answering, the time wasted can quickly pile up.
  • You Shouldn’t give up when weighed down. Internet marketing is vital to promoting services or products on the internet; so, it has to be done. Using a wide variety of marketing techniques, you may possibly think that you need to do them all. Of course, you’re advised to do it, however not all at one time. When you’re overwhelmed, don’t quit for the entire day, but relax and take a short break.


Effective time management for internet marketers can change as the marketers online business grows and changes. Once you have developed the basic good time management skills you’ll be able to apply them to not only any business but more importantly your everyday life. Want to know more about building a smarter faster better online home business either full or part time? Subscribe to the best Internet marketing newsletter out there here. Also visit DIY Internet Marketer.Com regularly to get free help, articles and resources.

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